Hello there. Guess you stumbled on this little page. How? Well, I have not a clue, but I’m glad you did and intrigued as to why, of course. This is, for me, a bold way to try and get my texts, writings and ideas to other people. Yes, I have a really hard time admitting to it, but I would like to become an author. Write and tell stories, portraits of people, places and events that otherwise only come to life and death in my own head.

Now, you may wonder why there is a “Om” in the headline. Well, the first secret about me, except that I’m a bit shy, is that I’m Swedish. Yes, that means that some of the things I do publish here will be in Swedish and it may, but most likely won’t be translated. Sorry about that.

The other thing, the obvious I guess, is that my real name is of course not Bony Clarke. It is a fictional name that I decided to use because one of passage of lines in lethal weapon, recognize it?

Martin Riggs: What’s goin’ on Rog, why you lyin’ to me? Where’s the money coming from? IA says you’re on the take.

Roger Murtaugh: You ever hear of Ebony Clarke?

Martin Riggs: Yeah, she writes those cheesy sex novels… why? You boinkin’ her?

Roger Murtaugh: No I’m not boinkin’ her, Trish is Ebony Clarke.

Martin Riggs: You are boinkin’ her.

Roger Murtaugh: [big grin] Yeah, Yeah I’m boinkin’ her.
—-Lethal Weapon 4 —–

So, what can you assume from this? Well, that the stories in here might be a bit erotic? Well, yes, you can probably assume that and some might be like that indeed. More accurately, you can assume I’m an 80’s action nerd, even if this movie isn’t from that period, it follows the genre nicely.

I give you one more thing about me. And that’s the fact that I’m sick. I have had a personal drama in my life, these last years been a hell with both physical and mental health. I’m still not out of it, but after having the opportunity to work on getting better, my creativity one day popped back in me. It reared its head and said hi. And that’s the actual and most honest reason as to why you may be reading this.

I hope that you find something that you like, intrigues you or otherwise makes the time you may spend here feeling worthwhile. If not, there are plenty of things on the net to occupy you I’m sure.


Thank you, and take care.