Isobel Fairlane, my made up FBI agent takes place in a very made up city, Connectihome. I know, still a working name. It is placed at the border between California and Nevada. As a fictional place, it gives me a bit more space to make up my own world and I don’t have to stumble upon geography knowledge that isn’t there, etc. The book’s start off during 2011, with her as a new agent and not yet knowing of her supernatural talents, abilities and really messed up background. Isobel is a person that is made up of several different aspects; social trauma’s and mental un-health, mythology turned into Urban Fantasy, mix that with vampires, werewolves and Cthulhu mystery, and you have the crazy world I’m trying to navigate her through.

The theme may be Urban fantasy, but many of the plots and twists are simply to add something for the fun of it. It is fun to write about werewolves and vampires and monster’s from other realms etc. The real drama is the social game that is going on. There is a certain ‘erotic’ touch to it and also, there is a sub-plot of individualism going on. The individualism is that everyone is more or less allowed to be who they are, as they are in some parts of their environments. Be it Isobel dating another girl, or her brothers gay colleague and even for monster’s to find some sort of acceptance. It’s something that I at least try to keep as sort of the under-currant in my writings about Isobel.

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