A new project, fantasy and all the woes that comes with it….

I love fantasy, I always have. Since the days I first found that there were fairy tales for grown ups, my life suddenly didn’t look so bleak no more. There would be escapes from the life that I couldn’t quite fit into. Ursula Le Guin was one of the first authors I found, then Tolkien, than Fantasy and Science Fiction books with many short stories from authors from all over the world.

Then one day, I learned English, and my world exploded.

I try to keep notes… and such…

So, when sitting here and wondering if I would ever write again, since I have been struggling lately, a story sort of attacked me. That’s usually how it is for me. It’s not an urge, it’s an idea or a figment of something which my mind sort of says “That be kinda cool” and I allow time and energy to expand on the idea and if it grips me, it becomes an obsession and then instead of anything, I hammer away in a maniac’s tempo on my keyboard. I don’t really call this being, you know, an author or anything. This is fun and as such I was slightly taken back when I realized that in under three weeks, it’s vacation, I have written a full length book. How the heck did that happen?

A half elf, you know because elves are hot and sometimes humans too, or something…

A Dwarf, with Scottish accent and a name with thunder. Sure, why not?

Now, book, let’s take it easy. It’s the first write through, you know the thing that breaks Word as you open it because Word says there are too many errors of, well, everything. And being fantasy, there are words that Word never heard about. Still, it’s there. It is on my computer and I’m starting book two. This is fun for me. A way to write about the same characters in a new light it appears. Because I tend to stick to certain archetypes, and even if I wanted to get some fresh perspectives, misery, woe, anguish and pain and melancholy spiced with a certain unhappiness and characters still trying to get on with life. So, enjoy some scribbled unreadable notes about two of the characters in the last book.

Fantasy. It’s a weird one isn’t it? I am writing my own fantasy in Swedish, a book which I’m trying to do more, what I believe authors do, like real ones; like check things, add small notes and read chapter by chapter and so on. This book is not so fun all the time, but more work. This is simply borrowing loads of stuff and just dive into int.

Or is it? No. Even though I was planning on making it a more or less Dungeon and Dragon settings type of fantasy, using Psionics, Drow, elves, Eldarins, Dwarfs, Halflings etc, you always end up in, How much can I borrow? How much can I change before people get lost in the excisting preconceptions of what these names should mean? Can I use something and then slightly alter it?


Well, I’m not minding too much of it now since I am writing mostly for the fun of it, and might even post the first thing in its entirety here, once its edited. Got it? It’s a joke. In a few months I will hardly remember this. It will be an obscure thing of the past that just happened. In the meantime, a few glimpses of the process and the things my damn brain makes me do, just because, that one scene of a Drow fighting a Wood elf, talking about what good and evil is.

I don’t always write fantasy, but when I do, I draw maps…

Still, I don’t know about you, but fantasy always ends up with you making maps. Why? Because fantasy is really one long journey from here to there. Why? Because they are adventuring. No one in fantasy are just this guy, sitting at home and adventure comes to his door knocking. Unless your a monster then…
Oh no.
No more ideas!
It’s summer for F’s sake! 😉


About bonyclarke

A simple guy who likes to write and make up stories and ideas. Anxiety, low self esteem and fascinated my most things considered nerdy.
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