Shadowrun Hong Kong

What can I say? I do love these isometric games. This one takes place in the shadows of Hong Kong. The art on the main map you navigate on is absolutely lovely. Colorful and alive. So, what the heck is this, you might wonder. Well, Shadowrun, is a role-playing world to begin with. You have Cyberpunk, magic, and fantasy all mixed up with virtual reality and a world gone totally banana. What I like with this setting, which has orcs, elves, dwarves etc and a wide collection of enemies are how they have made it all fit in so nicely. You can take different problems from our time into this polarized world, like racism, power hungry politicians, greedy people and a cold and dark future with an environment that can kill you.

So the game, I play on PC, I bought on and is a slow moving turn based RPG. It is not the fancy third person view game, but an isometric view and only text and music. The game is pretty close to the table top game from where it came originally and that makes it so lovable, for an old dice-thrower as your’s truly.

If you have the craving for a bit of old-school mechanics set in a nice setting with a game that doesn’t min you taking time to enjoy a sip or two of coffee in between your actions, this may very well be something for you. The stories and adventure’s are sort of cliche, but they do fit in nicely and you won’t cringe reading them.

Here you can find out more about the game, and others, by Harebrained Schemes:


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