2016, ending of a really bad year.

Not only do we have had to witness a massive loss of talents this year. Artists and celebrities that filled my growing up with pleasant escapes from the daily ordinary life. We are witnessing the unavoidable process of growing older, and with that comes so much death of that we may have identified, looked up to or idolized. So many people we don’t know that still meant so much for us are simply – passing away.

To start naming people that mean something to me seems almost pity, a year like this. I can say that there are many who have passed that still makes me glum and feeling that a world that was mine, of my childhood and youth is now forever gone, or so changed in its fundamental’s, it is as good as lost.

Then we have the entire world going bananas. The election in US, the situation with global terrorism and IS. Refugee’s and the lack of preparation from a world where a few have been sitting safe with most of the money as long as the rest feel like they are doing OK. Now those values are changing and more people are looking around, to find inspiration and hope? Well, sadly, you can’t look up the chain, there are few that really have done anything for you. No, it’s time to look to the people standing next to you, reach out, however uncomfortable that may make you. Can we do it? Well, time will as always be a silent witness to our many mistakes and progresses.

Anything cheerful? Well, in a world that is so chaotic, there are things bound to happen. Creative people are starting to voice their ideas and thoughts. Authors, composers, writers, journalists, movies, TV series etc are full of these new creative ideas and calls for a better world. A more compassionate and sane world. There, is our escape.

For me, this year has on a personal and very egotistic way been a roller coaster of misery, self contemplation and a few successes. I have been rather ill and I haven’t been exactly ‘nice’ to myself. Why should I be, if so few others are, eh? And I’m good at not being nice to myself. When you don’t feel you are good at anything, they few things you do well, you tend to keep doing.  As you might have noticed, this blog is a step in trying to reverse this abysmal feeling I have had and challenge my own self esteem and self perception I have.

Will it succeed?

Only time…


About bonyclarke

A simple guy who likes to write and make up stories and ideas. Anxiety, low self esteem and fascinated my most things considered nerdy.
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